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Boundless Healing- Medicine Buddha - Gomde Lindholme Hall - The centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the UK

Boundless Healing- Medicine Buddha

Lama Bruce Newman

Medicine Buddha: A Door to Boundless Healing

Friday 17th - Sunday 19th of May


This weekend will be a rare chance to discover your innermost potential for healing. 

Under the guidance of Lama Bruce Newman, we will practise the visualisation meditations of the Medicine Buddha in accordance with Tulku Thondup’s book ‘Boundless Healing’

In an approachable, modern, yet traditionally rooted manner, Lama Bruce will teach meditation exercises that improve one´s health, and give one strength and relaxation in times of physical or mental difficulties. 

The Medicine Buddha is the embodiment of the compassionate wish to heal all those who suffer.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche has often commented that Gomde Lindholme Hall is a ´healing place´. The landscape itself facilitates wellbeing so it is a perfect place for our seminar with Lama Bruce, focusing on practices of the Medicine Buddha.

Recommended book by Tulku Thondup: ´Boundless Healing´

See below for week-end schedule

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We have a variety of accommodation options detailed below, all of which include the retreat fee and all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). We hope there are options to suit all.

If anyone has difficulty with costs, please contact us regarding your circumstances.

Shared Rooms: £160.00
These are single sex rooms; maximum 4 people per room. Shower room and toilet located on the same floor.

Single Room: (no en-suite): £190.00
Shower room and toilet located on the same floor.

Single Room: with en-suite: £210.00

Camping: £130.00
Please bring your own equipment. The camping area is located next to the main house in a picturesque spot. Campers can use our camping facilities - a shower and toilet block next to the house.


Offsite, full weekend £70.00 - includes lunch and supper

Offisite, one day: £42.00, includes lunch and supper. 


3 – 5 pm Registration
5.30 pm Supper

7- 9 pm Introductory session with Lama Bruce

7.30 – 8.30 am.  Daily meditation practice with the community at Lindholme Hall. Optional
8.30 am Breakfast

Morning session 10 – 1 pm   with Lama Bruce
1pm Lunch 
Afternoon session 3 – 6 pm   with Lama Bruce
6.30 pm Supper

7- 8 am Daily meditation practice with the community at Lindholme Hall. Optional
8 – 9 am Breakfast 
10 – 1 pm   Morning session with Lama Bruce
1pm Lunch 
2.30 - 4.30 pm  Afternoon session with Lama Bruce

End of seminar 



Cancellation policy

Up to 1 month before the event (19th April)
If you cancel up to 1 month before the event, you will be required to cover our administration fee of £25.

Up to 2 weeks before the event (between 19th April – 3rd May)
If you cancel up to 2 weeks before the event, we will retain your deposit (£50) but refund any further funds.

Within 2 weeks of the event (After 3rd May)
If you cancel within 2 weeks of the event – if we can re-fill your place, we will only retain your deposits and return remaining funds. If we cannot fill your place, we will retain 50% of the course costs.


All welcome

Prior knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism is not necessary, as this seminar is suitable for anyone who is interested in the process of self-healing and transformation. 

About Lama Bruce

Lama Bruce Newman is American and has more than 40 years of experience in Buddhism in both the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions. He has completed a four-year retreat under the guidance of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche.

Under the direction of Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche, he has devoted himself exclusively to teaching Buddhism to Westerners for more than 20 years. Thus, he is one of the most experienced, Western teachers of Tibetan Buddhism, and able to tailor the teachings especially to his audience.

The seminar starts with your arrival at Gomde by 17.30 on the first day and finishes at 16.00 on the last day. It is also possible to join for a day on Saturday - cost £25.

A participant’s view of the course

When an email announced an upcoming Medicine Buddha workshop with Lama Bruce Newman, I signed up. But as the time drew near, so did the doubts. Could I carve out a weekend from an overly busy schedule?

I wavered, then rallied and now hope to convey a snippet of the experience to you.  As it’s a course that Lama Bruce intends to offer again, perhaps it is one you might consider attending, or perhaps you’ll find the text of value.

Tulku Thondup has brilliantly synthesized the essence of Sutric and Tantric teachings into twelve meditations to evoke the Medicine Buddha’s healing through the power of our mind. His start is foundational:  “Feelings such as calmness and peace are concepts created by the mind and experiences felt by the mind. So let your mind generate the thought and feeling of calmness in your body.”

Given this ground, each of the following meditations progress so that we increasingly experience the warmth, healing light and bliss streaming from the Medicine Buddha into our very cells.

Lama Bruce would read one of the short visualizations and then as a group we practiced.  His pithy directions exhorted us “To orient our meditation so that it leaves no place for the ego.”

But, one student observed, “Isn’t our aim to turn the mind’s eye toward the meditator?”
Lama Bruce asked him, “Where is the location of that observer. Is it in the head, heart, behind the head?  If you try to visualize that location, you can’t abide there and so it pulls the rug out. Here we’re using visualization to overwhelm the meditator, to zap him off of his perch.”

Lama Bruce then observed how ironic that popular meditation is depicted as navel gazing but in fact this familiar inward gaze best describes our obsessive self-preoccupation, which is samsaric. He said, “Samsara’s activities contract us and put tension in the body and energy channels. Whereas with visualization we populate the space around us, this stretches our minds outward and weakens our propensity to contract. As we cultivate expansion then our hearts open with devotion and love.”

Lama Bruce has taught this course multiple times in the past three years and in several countries. Given how this material helps the student get a taste of clarity from an experiential vantage point, he’s enthusiastic about continuing to offer it; if you have the chance to attend one of these courses I would certainly recommend it.’