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Kora Walk 9 September 2017 - Gomde Lindholme Hall - The centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the UK

Kora Walk 9 September 2017

Sponsored 12 hour KORA RELAY WALK
LINDHOLME ISLAND & Hatfield Moor National Nature Reserve 

Buddhist and Sikh Community of Doncaster working together
to benefit those in need in Doncaster 

9 September

2 -2.45 pm

To donate on-line


The Walk
Kora is to walk mindfully around a spiritual object and while walking to engage the voice in positive wishes for others and the mind in thinking of kindness towards others. Its also fun to just have a good time with your fellow walkers! 

Faith Groups in Doncaster - Working Together

This year we are working in partnership with the Sikh Community  who run a community project in Doncaster for the homeless and those in need - Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen- which provides a free hot meal every week to anyone who needs it.  

Half the funds raised will be donated to the Free Kitchen and half will go for the much needed refurbishment of the coach house at Lindholme Hall. We hope to raise enough funds to cover the Free Kitchen’s annual ´Fair Share´ bill of £650. 

Each full Kora is 2.9 miles. There are shorter and longer routes (0.2 – 5 miles) to suit all ages and abilities! It is possible to register or just turn up. If you would like to register to cover a particular time slot or would like sponsorship forms please contact

Kinship of Faiths Gathering 2pm - The Place of compassion in the Modern World
One of our aims is to increase harmony and appreciation within the wider community and between faith groups.
During the sponsored Kora Walk, we hold our annual Kinship of Faiths Gathering scheduled this year at 2 pm on Saturday 9 September. Speakers from different faiths are invited to make a contribution for a peaceful, harmonious and informative future together: locally, nationally and internationally. Our speakers include representatives from the Sikh community, the Church of England, the Spritualist Church, Thje Unitarian Church and the Buddhist Faith They will be joined by representatives of our local primary school in Hatfield Woodhouse and inspired by the wonderful singing voice of Justine Bowker. The theme this year - ´The Place of Comapssion in a Modern World.´

Our wonderful cafe will be open and there is free tea and coffee for walkers!

We hope to see you here!   All Welcome