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Lama Oser - Gomde Lindholme Hall - The centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the UK

Lama Oser

Lama Oser is one of our very senior monks at the Ka-Nying Shedrup Ling monastery. He has studied under many great masters and for a number of years was the personal assistant of the great Dzogchen master Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. We are therefore very fortunate that Lama Oser will reside here and lead retreats and offer formal teachings. Lama Oser will also support practitioners with all aspects of their practice and is avialable, when in residence, to support those who undertake retreat and semi-retreat at the Hall.   
Lama Oser will be giving a series of Teachings and Practice Retreats between June and mid November 2019. We will publish the details of these as soon as possible. Lama will also continue to offer Free Saturday teachings and lead our weekly meditation group. 

Schedule of Teachings 2019

22 June
Lama Oser: Teaching on the Treasury of Blessings.

This practice based Buddha Shakyamuni. This is the practice that we do daily at Gomde Lindholme Hall. It is wonderful for beginners as it is easy to understand and supports many core teachings.  On closer inspection the text is also a treasure trove of teachings. Lama Oser will explain how to do the practice, explain some of the teachings. There will also be time for question and answers. 
This is a free teaching. Lunch is available for £6.
Please contact if you plan to attend. 

July 12-14
Lama Oser: The Patience Chapter from The Way of the Bodhisattva

Lama Oser will continue his teachings on this key Mahayana text - Shantideva’s The Way of Bodhisattva.
whose focus is bodhichitta cultivating  amind wishing to benefit other sentient beings. The Patience chapter is renowned for its practical wisdom and insight.  
Suitable for those who attended last year and newcomers as Lama will give a review.

July 19 - 21
Lama Oser: Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

July 26- 1 August
Lama Oser: Shamatha Meditation retreat.
You are able to attend this 6 day seminar for the week end ( 26-28 July) or for the whole six days.
This is a rare opportunity to immerse ourselves in understanding and the practice of calm abiding or Shamatha meditation. Lama Oser will provide back ground teachings and practical instructions. There will be plenty of time to apply the instructions and for questions and answers, which helps refine our practice.  
Shamatha is the base upon which all other meditations stand. This course is suitable for newcomers and experienced practitioners who want to got back to basics.
For more information and to register click here      

August 4
Resounding the Dharma
To celebrate the first turning of the wheel of Dharma we host our annual day of Resounding the Dharma. Sutras, translated into English, are read aloud in the meditation all. Everyone reading a different sutra creating a cacophony of sacred words.
ALL WELCOME – come for all or part of the day. This is a free event. 

August 9-11
Lama Oser:  Kurekule Retreat
Within the Vajryana tradition to create the auspicious and necessary conditions for the Dharma to flourish the ´Three Roots´ are required: Guru, Yidam and Dakini. Kurekule is the Dakini and Lama Oser will give us introductory teaching on this magnetizing Dakini.
Suitable for those with some experience of Sadhana practice.  

September 15
Annual Kora walk

25- 30 October
Wisdom Chapter from The Way of the Bodhisattva


For more information and to register click here

8-10 November
Lama Oser: Green Tara Retreat
This retreat focuses on a Sadhana (visualisation) practice based on the female embodiment of compassion Tara. Tara is noted to be swift with her compassion and helps alleviate all fears. This week end will give practitioners insight and guidance on how to practice in an authentic and correct way thus making acessible the inherent potential of the practice. 

The weekend programme is suitable for beginners, existing practitioners and those studying the on-line Triple Excellence programme.

15-17 November
Lama Oser: Padmasabhava Retreat