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Sustainabiltiy - Gomde Lindholme Hall - The centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the UK



On this page, you can find information on how we manage the Lindholme Estate, our renewable energy activities and food production - all of which have developed enormously in recent years, so thank you for all your support!

In line with the philosophical and logical teachings of the Buddha, and encouraged by all our Rinpoches, as a community we are committed to policies and practices that protect the environment. Our policies are long term aspirations which are are steadily being implemented. We aim to:


Managing the Estate

The estate is currently managed under the Higher Level Stewardship scheme with Natural England. The  scheme is designed to protect and enhance the diverse nature of the landscape, habitats and wildlife.

Following the successful collaboration with conservation groups through the Pete(skid)moor appeal, we now work in partnership with a group of experts (scientists, naturalists and conservationists) - the Lindholme Old Moor Management Group - whose remit is our 60 acres of SSSI uncut peatland. This valuable and essential expertise enables us to properly manage this very rare resource.
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Renewable Energy

Solar Energy
With Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche´s kind permission and encouragement, in December 2011 Gomde became a micro generator with the installation of a 9.9 KW peak, photo-electric array (44 panels) on the south facing roof of the meditation hall. Our array produces approximately 70% of our electricity and uses the national grid as a ‘battery’.

This Micro Generating System (MGS) is subsidised under a UK Government scheme. The Government guarantees payments to MGSs for 25 years, in the form of a guaranteed payment (linked to the retail price index) for each KW of electricity generated, whether used or exported to the grid.

The system was purchased for £20,900 and is funded through a short term private loan. The estimated savings on electricity bills and government subsidy payments are between £3,500- £4000 per year; for the first 5 years the savings will be used to pay off the loan. In the course of the 25 year agreement the benefit to Gomde will be approximately £125,000 in energy saving and government subsidy.

Sustainable Wood Fuel

Log boiler heating Lindholme!
Our environmental goals and Buddhist aspirations require us to protect, enhance and safeguard our rare island habitat of acidic grassland, heath, forest and peat land. Part of our commitment through Higher Level Stewardship includes the management of the trees on the island and we have sufficient sustainable woodland to meet all our heating and hot water needs.


In January 2015 we were able to install the log gasification system. The project has immense environmental and financial benefits. Our buildings were previously heated with oil. With the log fired boiler we now use sustainable wood harvested from our land; an amazing, free, renewable resource! Thank you to everyone who has supported Gomde and supported the appeal to make this possible.

This was achieved through the Government Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) scheme ~ a 20 year agreement paying commercial scheme members for using renewable sources for heating and hot water. The log gassification system is a large wood-burning stove which stores heat in thermal tanks - an 80 KW log boiler with 8,000 litre hot water thermal buffer tank. It is super efficient and requires burning once per week in summer, and in the coldest winter, once per day. This size of installation attracts through RHI, an annual government subsidy of approximately £6,000. Thus we estimate the total annual saving/income being £10-11,000 ~ over the life of the agreement. Over the life of the agreement, 20 years inflation linked, total saving/income is £200,000-£220,000.

It is our aim that all building and development undertaken at Gomde will be energy efficient to minimise energy load now and in the future thereby reducing costs and caring for the environment.

Upgrades and renovations already undertaken here are in line with this policy and include the Meditation Hall, attic rooms in the Hall and resident community rooms.
The recently acquired Lindholme Cottage which required refurbishment has also been be undertaken in line with this policy.

Food Production

Ultimately we would like to be self sufficient in food.

This provides an opportunity for volunteers to become involved with the Dharma, reduces our costs and ensures the food we consume and offer is wholesome and nutritious as well as local!
We are very mindful to develop this side of Gomde´s activities in a way which can be sustained and is manageable both in respect of the growing and processing the fruits of our labours.

We currently have a walled vegetable garden with a number of plots which have produced significant amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables.

We also harvest a lot of wild fruit, exchange produce with other gardeners and also receive produce from local gardeners.

Aspirations for food production:

The Future
We are optimistic that given our philosphical base and all our Rinpoche´s support, our conservation and environmental activites will develop and grow in line with our resources and understanding.