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Vision and Planning - Gomde Lindholme Hall - The centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the UK

Vision and Planning


 The Vision

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche´s vision for Gomde, Lindholme Hall is that it becomes a place of refuge for authentic study, reflection and meditation of the Buddha Dharma, which has at its heart a monastic and lay community. Given our resources here and the implications of the core teachings of Buddhism, Rinpoche has encouraged us to commit to an environmental strategy that is practical, aspirational and sustainable; in short a living example of environmental Buddhism.


The New Development – Gomde, Lindholme Hall

During our 2014 seminar with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Rinpoche announced a more detailed vision for Gomde, Lindholme Hall, involving building a large new temple along with a new courtyard development. Such a development enables Gomde to support a significant community, host large retreats and teachings, as well as support individual retreat. 

Thanks to careful budgeting, the generosity of a sponsor, our volunteer architect Peter Oudshorn and David Benjamin’s one pointed project leadership, the planning application was completed and submitted to the Council.
On 26 July the Planning Committee at Doncaster Council granted planning permission for the full development.
This includes all the courtyard development and outline planning permission for the new temple.  With Rinpoche’s close guidance, the new temple design will be developed over the next year with the unfailing help of Peter and David.  

Details of the Development
Courtyard Development
Full planning permission has been granted for the creation of an additional 44 sleeping rooms (some with en-suite facilities), a retreat wing with south facing views,  dormitory rooms, meeting/teaching rooms, refectory, commercial kitchen, info/shop building, offices, reception area, torma making room,  print room, resident community accommodation, laundry and workshop. 

This will involve: 
Renovation of the existing coach house
Reinstatement of the east coach house wing with dovecote
Creation of a 2-storey north wing
New south wing with retreat facilities
New workshop with open bays
Conversion /rebuilding of storage outbuilding into information room/shop with rooms above.

New Temple
Outline planning permission for a large new temple, situated in one of the nearby fields to the east of the hall.


This will involve:
Designing the new temple
Following the development of the courtyard, the building of the new temple. 

 Design for the New Courtyard development



Overview of Past Achievements

Principles to guide our endeavours have unfolded over the last 6 years:

We seek to have the Dharma at the heart of all we do. To support this we host seminars by Buddhist masters, host visits by experienced monks from the tradition who guide retreat and practice, have twice daily meditation sessions, twice monthly special practice days, facilitate study/practice groups and support individual retreat both in the retreat hut and the Hall.

Energy needs
In December 2011, Gomde became a micro generator with the installation of a 9.9 KW peak, photo-electric array on the south facing roof of the meditation hall. We anticipate the array will produce approximately 70% of our electricity using the national grid as our ‘battery’.

The woodland at Gomde is sustainably managed to provide all our own fuel for our wood burning stoves.
In 2014 we installed a log gasification boiler. The system attracts a sizeable government grant and utilising our wood for fuel enables us to fulfil our HLS requirements. Click here for further information

Land Management
In April 2011 Gomde entered into a Higher Level Stewardship, an Environmental  Agreement which is designed to protect and enhance the environment and biodiversity of the estate. In 2013 further SSSI land was included in this agreement and currently Gomde has approximately 170 acres in the scheme. More information

In 2013 the Lindholme Old Moor Management Group was formed to specifically manage our SSSI peat land habitat. For more details

The meditation hall (completed 2010) and retreat hut (completed 2011), cottages purchased and refurbished in 2014. All highly energy efficient by design.

All has been accomplished through Rinpoche´s wisdom, kindness and blessings, linked to the efforts of committed volunteers, generous sponsorship and essential private loans.