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Volunteer Opportunities - Gomde Lindholme Hall - The centre for Tibetan Buddhism in the UK

Volunteer Opportunities

Lindholme Hall offers a variety of opportunities for visitors to stay and support our ongoing Dharma activities.  Following is a summary of roles on hand.  Please contact Britain (, our Volunteer Coordinator, for more details and an application form.  All are welcome to apply!  
Day volunteers
Local volunteers are a central part of the Lindholme family, helping to sustain the estate year-round through weekly volunteer service.  Activities include gardening and land management, cooking, housekeeping, carpentry, construction, and more.  Our volunteer coordinator is on-hand Thursdays and Saturdays, 1:30-4:00, to introduce those interested to the estate and available activities--please contact Britain ( to arrange a visit.
Resident guest and volunteer opportunities
Those who are interested in the Dharma activities of Lindholme Hall are welcome to stay with no work commitments in a single or shared room with shared bathroom in our Coach House accommodation. Room and board is 35-40 £ per night.
Overnight volunteers

Those who would like to stay at Lindholme Hall on an ad-hoc basis may defer the cost of their stay by offering 4 to 6 hours of volunteer service 5 days per week, or daily if staying less than 6 days.* Accommodation is in a single or shared room with shared bathroom in our Coach House accommodation.

For those offering 4 hours of service, room and board is 25 £ per night.

For those offering 6 hours of service, room and board is 20 £ per night.

During busy times, a tenting option is available—please be in touch for details.

Short-term resident volunteers

Those who are able to commit to 1 to 3 months of volunteer service at Lindholme Hall may exchange 7 hours of work 5 days a week for room and board in shared accommodation.*  A tenting option is available for those who prefer single accommodation.

Short-term resident volunteers will join the Lindholme community to help sustain day-to-day activities as well as contribute to the ongoing construction of a new temple and teaching spaces. Volunteers will dedicate time across a range of activities and according to the interests and skills of each volunteer. Service may include help with gardening and land management, construction and carpentry, housekeeping, food preparation, events planning, IT, etc.

Skillset resident volunteers

Those offering service through a particular skillset may exchange short-term service for room and board in shared accommodation on a nightly, weekly, or seasonal basis.*  A tenting option is available for those who prefer single accommodation.

*Please note that communal vegetarian meals are taken together in our shared dining area. In addition to their responsibilities, all residents and volunteers help lay out and clean up meals according to rota.


We are very grateful for the kindness and generosity offered by all those who help and support us here at Gomde Lindholme Hall, including:


Preparing fruit for Ah U Jam
raising the prayer flags
Ready steady cook
Polishing the silver